About 2-3 weeks ago I've started studying at IAnimate.
I have been thinking about attending the iAnimate classes in a long time and now it is the time!
Every week there is a live tutorial lecture with Jason Ryan and 2 live sessions with our mentor. 
The iAnimate animation library is full of references, videos tutorials and the school rigs are very appealing and flexible.

I am enrolled in the Feature WorkShop 4 where it focuses in facial animation.
The workshop is an 14 weeks program, where we will work in 2 acting pieces.
My mentor is Tal Shwarzman, an extremely talented animator, great mentor and person.

I will be posting my animation tests in the future, and below is the last IAnimte student's showcase and my mentor's reel:


iAnimate.net Member Showcase - Winter 2013 from iAnimate on Vimeo.

Tal Shwarzman DemoReel 2012 from Tal shwarzman on Vimeo.