2D Animation

For the past 3-4 months I have been attending the 2D animation classes at Studio Technique.
I have been learning so much and also I have been using my animation light table which is great.
The lighting table
Samantha Yossef is a great mentor. She is very open, always trying to get the most of the students. She also knows how to encourage and inspire everyone.
Also the school provides some other great classes like Life Drawing, Character Design and Anatomy. Definitely worth it to check it out if you are an artist that want to sharp your artistic skills.

Animating on paper is very challenging but very fun.
I haven't been drawing for so long. However I could see my improving as my drawing skills where getting better with the time.
The Animation 01 class focuses on the basic 12 animation principles, drawing/flipping techniques, and the program has 10 weeks duration.
Also it is very inspiring to study 2D Disney movies and artists like Milt Kahl. It blows my mind to see how great that artists are.

Bellow the animation exercises I have been working on the past 3 months:

Animation 01 - Daniel Vasconcellos from Dancellos on Vimeo.

Hope you like it!


Studio Technique:

Samantha Yossef sketche's blog:


  1. Sempre me sinto super ORGULHOSA de ser sua prima e de te conhecer!!!! Demais... a perspectiva o movimento ... Continue praticando e se inspirando!!!!
    bju grande!!!

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  3. Hiii Daniel... Very nice animation.
    Thanks for sharing this post here.I enjoyed your post.Keep on sharing such blogs again and again.


  4. Great job. Thanks for sharing your experience. Keep sharing.



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