Animation Light Table

In the past few weeks my mother and I have been putting an 2D animation table together and we think it came out great!
I wanted a small and portable table and based on references and pictures that I found on animation websites, I created my own design.
Firstly before jumping on the project I modeled it in Maya, so I could get all measurements/sizes for cutting the pieces and getting the main structure done.
In Maya I tested/animated the table angles so I could be sure if all parts would work together (frame 01 to 05).

I spent less than AU$ 100,00 with all materials and some extra money with the tools also, but the entire project didn't cost AU$ 250,00!
The most expensive items I bought was the acrylic top and the lights.
We took pretty much 2-3 days making the base and 2-3 weeks designing and making the external pieces and bits.
Most of the material I found it somewhere, and adapted to the table. The main wood frame I found it in my office, it was a piece of wood they used to use to block one of the windows, the animation peg bar I used a ruler and added three small wood pieces that I cut from painting brushes.
The Maya file -maya 2012- and all references are available for download/research and I hope that helps other animators to build their own tables!


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Ca24 Art Blog

Maya file:
Animation Table

 Production Pics:


  1. Love it! Hi-tech for a home-made. Well done!!

  2. Well done!
    It looks better than the other one you used to have back in the 90's.
    Did you made that one too?

  3. Thank you Pazzo and Gabriel :) Can't wait to start using it.
    That old one Gabriel, I've got from my animation classes in Uni, long time ago, and yeah this one is heaps better!


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