The French Restaurant: 5000 views!

It has been 2 years since the release of my first short "The French Restaurant" and last month it reached 5000 views!
 The short was highlighted in the '3D Total' website, and other 3D animations websites at that time, and I am still surprised how many emails I receive from people who are inspired by my short:

"The French Restaurant" from Dancellos on Vimeo.

"The French Restaurant" is a script originally created by me and 3 friends when I was in the Animation Mentor school.
Below the link of the interview in the Animation Mentor newsletter with all the "behind the scenes" movies, the pitch, Animatics, polishing passes:
The French Restaurant Animation Mentor Newsletter

It was interesting to look back on my work from 2 years ago and remember how much fun and work went into it.

Hope you like it,