Happy Feet Motion Edit Reel

Almost 6 months of Happy Feet 2's release, I rented the DVD last weekend. I couldn't believe how good the movie looks!
I still remember the smell of coffee and croissant in the mornings and all great people that I have met at Doctor D. Studios.
I got that opportunity to put together my motion editor reel with my shots from the movie. As motion editor you are responsible to smooth the movements and add animation layers on top of the motion capture data, giving more appealing body shapes and believable performance to the characters.
Also, sometimes we had to create keys and pose the characters when they did not capture the movements or when the director had changed his mind about the captured performance always matching that "hand key" section to the motion capture data.
These shots were much more fun to work as we had to animate the characters in a believable way.
One good example of that is the shot that I have been working where Gloria hugs Erik, on the last sequence of the movie. 
Hope you like it,



  1. Dan meu brother, ainda lembro de você chegando toda feliz com a notícia que iria para o Doctor D, cara fantástico os shots, fico muito feliz em ver que todo aquele esforço resultou neste belo trabalho.


  2. Vlw vlw Sidao, saudades meu brother!
    Bons tempos aqueles em breve se Deus quiser estaremos trabalhando juntos!



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