Walks of life

Before starting at Dr D Studios I was studying some personality walk cycles. The body mechanics of a walk cycle can be hard to animate. There are different forces and actions happening in the same time.
It is an "organized" fall, as we move forward our hips and will catch our body (before it falls) with the front leg, trusting the body weight on that leg, then moving the hips forward again, falling then catching with the other leg.
We are under the influence of the same Physic Laws where the Gravity is the most important one. A walk is a "fight" against the gravity, and this happens pretty much with all actions and movements of the live beings here on Earth.
However the animation principles can be applied to all characters, the timing and the way that one character walks is unique, just because our bodies and lives are not the same. Everyone walks. Everyone in a different way!
When I was studying acting, the first approach to understand a character was studying and exercising a way to express that character walking.
Considering the character's design, I came up with this 3 personalities walks using the Animationmentor's characters.

Hope that you like it,

Walks of life from Dancellos on Vimeo.

Richard Willians: "The Animator's survival Kit"
Eric Goldberg: "Character Animation Crash Course"


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