Plump to Penguins

A bit of time since my last post, but I couldn't let to share that I have changed jobs and I am not longer working at Plump Films but at Doctor D Studios.

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to all professionals that I have been working at Plump Films for almost three years. It was great having such nice and talented people giving their best to the challenging projects that we have gone trough and I am proud of the work that we have done together.

A couple of weeks ago I joined the Motion Edit Team at Dr D Studios in the Happy Feet 2's project, and is great being part of the project so far. We are working with some cool animation tools giving life to the penguins of the movie!
There are a couple of Animation mentor's students in our department and is great being surrounded by people that love animation as much as me!

I will be a bit busy in the next few months, but will try my best to keep uploading my stuff in the blog,




  1. Parabens parcero.. mais que merecido!
    Ainda lembro de você traçando esse plano tempos atrás.. Sujeito homem.. dito e feito.
    Oww tamo na torcida aqui.. qdo eu assistir o produto final reafirmo o meu post hehe
    abs mlk

  2. Well done! Keep those penguins alive!
    All the best.

  3. Lets put their feet to dance till they drop!!! Agatha (The Sister)

  4. Parabéns, Ravengar!
    Quero ver o pinguinzinho sambar, hein!
    ..."Keep Walking"...



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