Stuck Door

Hi there!

I've worked in this animation test in the Animation Mentor Body Mechanics's class over than 2 years ago, and decided myself adding a new animation polishing pass.
I spent most of the time fixing imperfections, mostly in the head/hands/elbows/knees ARCS, focusing on the character's body mechanics animation, especially in the section where the character is standing up from the fall, giving a more believable performance to the shot.
I added a new TIMING layer to this shot as well, where I worked with different "beats" of the body flow.

I created the character's clothes, and was responsible for the shot's concept and modeling.
Sidney Vigo was responsible for all the textures, lights, rendering and the final composition of the shot.

Hope that you like it,

Stuck Door from Dancellos on Vimeo.


  1. Hey, man!

    I really liked the rhythm and body mechanics. The only point I've a strange feeling is when he came up with the spine, it doesnt looks like the arms are helping too much in this movement.

    Hope this helps. Anyway, amazing stuff!
    Sorry for the poor english. :D

  2. Hi Mauricio, thanks for the cheers and the comment!!!
    Let's keep sharing thoughts!


  3. Hey Dan!!!

    Great animation. The overall performance is great.
    I would suggest to put some "timing breaks/contrast". For exemple, hold the pose when the guy falls back. You can get some cool timing with that inercia.
    And after that you could work out the acting a little: The guy gets up / looks at the door / looks at the door handle / throws it to the door (angry) / realizes that the door opens the other way.

    I´m just being picky, nothing to worry about. lol.

    Keep up the great work.

    Cheers Mate.

  4. Hey Aulo, thanks for your comment :)

    I am working on another shots at this point and will think about getting all feed back and refine this shot in the future..


  5. Oooh, I have found a texturing/rendering slave to buff up the look for my stuff, weee.



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