Hamburger Acting Shot

Since I've finished "The French Restaurant" short, I've been working/polishing some old animation exercises.
In this acting shot exercise I've used IK arms, to see how it works.
Being a FK arms user I found very difficult polishing the IK Arms in a way to follow the shoulders and spine animation as using FK Arms you get this animation automatically. It was a difficult task to get the IK arms working without the "floating arms" feeling.
Anyways, it has being a good exercise, and I liked the way that the shot came along.
The line is extracted from a famous Tarantino's Pulp Fiction sequence, where Vincent (John Travolta) and Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) are sent to retrieve Marcellus Wallace's suitcase. I've tried to get a different acting approach from the movie, and I am glad that my acting choices went to a more innocent and funny way.
After the shot I've added the making off shots of the original old shot, the polished one, the background concept, modeling, and the final render shot.
Sidney Vigo helped in the first pass of the textures/light/render and setting up the Maya hair.

Hope that you like it,

Acting Shot Exercise from Dancellos on Vimeo.


  1. Hey Dan, looks awesome. So natural...

    Nice work again!

  2. Great stuff Dancellos... nice and smooth!


  3. Cool bro.. Now dust yourself up and start doing the "Las Galinas" scene.. haha


  4. Tks guys, anb Gabs.. yes.. I still got some other project before, but I can't wait to start that shot!


  5. Hey Dani,

    Adoro ver seus trabalhos e o quanto progressou, as duas novas animacoes estao demais! Adorei a caracterizacao da lanchonete, ficou mto bom! Parabens...! bjss Carol

  6. Valeu mesmo Carol!!! Estarei postando novas animacoes em breve..


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