"A Fazenda" Animation Reel

The edit is a compilation of the best shots I've solo animated for the TV show "A Fazenda 7"
After working on the main vignette, I started animating for the daily show.
Looking back, I feel that I could have delivered better animation, however TV's projects usually have a tight timeline, not allowing the animator to get an extra polish pass on the shots.
This exercise made my work flow to adjust the time I had in my hands, with the animation quality I could reach to get the ideas working well.
So, I spent more time planning the shots, posing and timing, and less time in the transitions.
When I was more used to the rigs, I started animating the shots with the straight ahead approach, then polishing the main poses and the timing after.
Sometimes, I had no idea how the transitions would work and most of the time I had good 'surprises' with the overall performance of the characters!

In the process I understood that in pro of the idea we always can adjust the quality over time, and also I worked on letting go of my shots.

I had lots of fun animating and working on this project!
Hope you like it,

"A FAZENDA" Animation Reel from Dancellos on Vimeo.

"Stayin' Alive"performed by Bee Gees.

All shots are property of Rede Record de Televisão
Software: Autodesk 3D Studio Max
Render: VRay and Mental Ray