"A Fazenda 2014"

This is the project I have been working on, along with a talented CG crew of Rede Record.
All character animation was done by Sergio Minehira and I.

The characters followed a 'cartoony design' which gave us freedom to explore and exaggerate the timing and shapes.
It took around 2-3 weeks to get all the shots done, and it was a pleasure to work with friends I made along my career in Brazil.

Hope you like it!

"A FAZENDA" 2014 from Dancellos on Vimeo.

Director and Character Modeling/Shaders: Icaro Felix
Concept Art/Character Design/StoryBoard: Humberto Cunha
Modeling/Texturing/3D animation: Rogério Machado and Bruno Carareto
Modeling and Retopology: André Inojosa
Rigging and Technical animator: Sandro Lola
Character Animators: Sergio Minehira and Daniel Vasconcellos
Visual and Special Effects/Particles: Alysson Heezen
Compositing: Kleber Bertoldo, Igor Kenji and Renato Prado

Daniel Vasconcellos animation shot's list:
Shot 1: Rooster crowing.
Shot 2: The Horse/Cow/Ostrich getting in the farm.
Shot 5: The animals running after the papers (Side camera).
Shot 6: The animals running after the papers (Low camera).
Shot 7: The bag's transformation.
Shot 8: The bag runs after the animals.
Shot 11: The rooster blinking.

Software: Autodesk 3D Max
Rendered using VRAY.